Coming Down From My High

I’m coming down from my high…my sewing high, that is! I finally finished my first sewing project a few days ago and am finally coming down from my sewing high. Here it is! A cute little tote to carry around library books, snacks, extra clothes, or whatever else might need toting.


Minutes after finishing it, I showed Dan (well, to be honest, I first victoriously danced in my sewing room for a few minutes) and put it on my shoulder to model. While I was excitedly telling him all about how I made it, I mentioned my sewing high and he actually spit his water out laughing at me. I still don’t understand what was so funny about that, but anyway…

Along the way, I learned a lot. I mean a lot. For instance, I learned…

to hold my threads out to the right for the first few stitches,

and to always check that the right sides, or actually I should say correct sides, are together before stitching to avoid having to rip out each stitch and starting from scratch. Ugh.

And I learned how to make a boxed corner to add a little space in the bag. I’m particularly proud of this one.

I also learned to not cut myself with the rotary cutter. Don’t worry, it was only a small nick and, no, I didn’t take any pictures.

Oh, and I can also add these to my list: changing my needle when I hear that certain thud it makes each time my needle goes down, threading the bobbin successfully (and I stress the use of the word ‘successfully’ here), ensuring the presser foot is down before starting to sew, and lots of other important and useful things.

I am now so much more comfortable with Anna Mae and have grown to love working with her. I took a sewing class at the beautiful and inspiring Fancy Tiger and sewed on a nice, new Janome. Even though it was much newer, shinier, and had fabulously fancy stitches, it was no Anna Mae. I came home to my vintage Singer, and I felt at home and comfortable with her. So I’m now eagerly looking forward to our next adventure together.

(Reminder to self: Find a new theme and layout for the blog that is more “sewemily”…soon.)

🙂 E

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