Help Me Sewemily, You’re My Only Hope

One day shortly after setting up my sewing room, I came into the room to hang out with Anna Mae and admire the beginnings of my ever-growing fabric stash. It took me a second or two to spy this sitting on my cutting table.

The note is a little fuzzy, but it reads, “Help me sewemily, you’re my only hope.” Dan, who is both a CU and Star Wars fan, left this old and well-worn CU hoodie for me to fix the seams on the pocket that had ripped. I was surprised that he trusted me to fix the beloved hoodie!

So the first thing I had to do was buy some matching gray thread. Once I had that, I then had to switch out the bobbin. I don’t know if you know this or not, but Anna Mae’s bobbin and I have already had a few go-rounds.  The first time I tried to re-wind it with my sewing-expert friend Melissa at my side resulted in a trip to the sewing-machine doctor. The second time I tried was successful, but it was only successful after an hour of frustration, research, and a curse word or two. This third time was successful but with a lot of wasted thread.

But I was so very proud once the bobbin was threaded and we were ready to fix the hoodie! Here’s the pocket all stitched up and ready to hold things once again.

And here’s the hoodie in its full CU Buffalo glory. Go CU!

The hoodie is now happy and must have spread the word that sewemily and Anna Mae can fix garments. The next day, I came into my sewing room to spy a pair of pants asking to either be shortened or Dan to be taller.

I guess our next adventure is in hemming.

🙂 E

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