Oliver + S Little Things to Sew…Here I Come!

A few months ago one of my favorite places to feed my addiction, Fancy Tiger Crafts, hosted Liesl Gibson in the shop to promote her new book, Little Things to Sew. At the time, I wasn’t aware of her awesomeness and amazing talent and the beauty of her patterns. But a sewing friend of mine said I should go and that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Boy was she telling the truth!

I got a signed copy of her book and have since spent a few nights pouring through the pages imagining myself sewing up these sweet patterns for Miss A and all the other kiddos I adore.

So I set out to sew something from the book. We had a camping trip coming up and I decided to make the bucket hat so it could have its debut at the campsite. In my head I had visions of fantastic pictures of Miss A in the hat with an amazing mountainous backdrop. Instead, I sewed up to the last minute and still didn’t have a completed hat and finally had to stop when car was fully packed and everyone was ready to go. Oh well.

The pattern was so well written even I could follow it easily. I only had to bring it into the office once to appeal to a sewing buddy for help! And it turns out a professional and wearable hat. Yay!

I made Miss A the large size and it seems to fit her head well. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but apparently my head is small enough to wear the hat, too. So I’ll openly admit to wearing it myself from time to time. Though I think I’ll make myself one out of more adulty (a coined Miss A word) fabric.

And there have been a few new sweet babies born the last few months who really need bucket hats, too. So I have a few more on the horizon.

With that, how perfect then that I ran across the Oliver + S sew-a-long over at Jessica’s blog, A Little Gray. Each month the sew-a-longers will work on a project from the book and have the opportunity to share our questions, struggles, triumphs, suggestions, and finished projects. And the first month is, you guessed it, bucket hats! So with my new fabric picked out I’m for some bucket hat love.

Until then, happy sewing.

🙂 E


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