Where Has Summer Gone?

Where has summer gone? Here are a few snippets of summery goodness from our summer.

We joined a CSA and have had an abundant, vegetable-filled summer. I’ve learned how to cook all sorts of new-to-me veggies like kohlrabi, turnips, beet and mustard greens, and all sorts of other yummies. I’m already looking forward to next year!

I’ve taken my first steps into the gardening world to grow some delish tomatoes and herbs. Here’s some little fellas I snipped off the vine just today.

We’ve spent lots of time soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful summer.

We took a family vacation (a first for us!) to visit the great Windy City. We all came back happy, well fed, and relaxed…so I consider that a success!

And while I’m on a bit of sewing hiatus this summer, I did manage to squeak out a few special sewing projects. I made a few tote bags as a thank you to my cousin and aunt for being such gracious and fun hostesses during my trip to Florida. I must remember to take pictures before my projects leave the house! So sad.

Update: I found a few pics that reminded me once again of why I want/need a new camera.

I somehow managed to bribe talk Miss A into posing for a few pictures in her new Oliver + S bucket hat I sewed.

Argh! Despite rotating the pictures locally on my computer, they won’t rotate on the dang blog. So this is what I’ve got.

And my quilt top is done…the one I mentioned here. Yay! I just ordered the backing fabric today, so I’ll be making my first quilt sandwhich and finishing her up! I’m a little nervous and excited to quilt.

Oh, and I sewed a few other little things, a pillow for Miss A’s dolls and two quilt blocks for a learning-to-quilt class series at Fancy Tiger. That’s about it.

I can feel the end of summer coming fast. We’ve got one more camping trip planned and only a few weeks left of the neighborhood swimming pool fun. The days are shorter and school starts in only 15 days. (Note to self: need to go school supplies shopping!) Though with every season’s end, I look forward to the beginning of the next and all the exciting change it brings. Well, to be honest, I don’t really ever look forward to Winter. Though I’m sure when the days are short and the nights are chilly, Anna Mae and I will sit down together over a warm cup of tea and stitch to our hearts content.


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