O+S SAL: Bucket Hat Step 1 – Cutting

Step 1: Cutting – Check!

One night this weekend I stayed up late and cut all the pieces needed to make two of the first month’s project in the O+S LTTS SAL (Oliver + S Little Things to Sew Sew-A-Long). I think I’ll go with O+S LTTS SAL, it is easier to type and it cracks me up for some reason.

My least favorite part of the process is the cutting. I’m hoping that will change over time because it can’t be escaped and is a big part of most projects. And apparently my cutting skills leave a bit to be desired. But I think I’m getting better with practice.

My first step was to trace each piece of the pattern on to regular printer paper. We didn’t have any freezer or tracing paper, and I was too impatient to go wait until after a trip to the store. So away I traced.

I made sure to label each cut-out piece with the correct size and the number of fabric pieces to cut from each. My plan was stay organized from the get go…which is not my usual M.O.

And then I cut each piece out from the first fabric. Because each piece, except for the lid of the hat, requires two fabric pieces to be cut, I was going to just fold over the fabric and cut two pieces at once. But then I chickened out on the first fabric and cut each separately.

That took a while.

So then I bucked up, swallowed my fear, and cut two pieces at once.

That is SO the way to do it!

And I now have two piles (that I’ve so far successfully kept organized…yay!) that are waiting for their turn to visit Anna Mae at the sewing table to be sewn in to bucket hats and then to be sent to sweet new babies.

It has been fun seeing all of the in-process and completed bucket hats other sew-a-longers are blogging about. There are some fabulously outfitted kids out there sporting special, one-of-a-kind, made-with-love bucket hats.

🙂 E


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