WWF Fabric Find

I love playing WWF (Words With Friends).

In fact, some may even call me an addict. In fact, they do. Though I think that’s taking it a little far. 

Does mentally adding up scores for words I hear or say during the day mean I’m an addict? No. Does the fact that I can’t go to bed with games waiting for my moves make me an addict? Of course not! Does buying scrabble-themed fabric make me an addict? No, but it doesn’t help my case, either.

These two gems arrived in my mailbox today. And, yes, that’s some Heather Ross thrown in there, too.

I am so excited to have gotten my hands on my first hard-to-find, out-of-print and soft-as-all-get-up Heather Ross fabric. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet with them, but for now they’re here hanging out on my desk with me.

In other sewy news, I sewed up this little card to send the moolah to the lovely lady who sent me these new fabrics. On my way out the door to the post office I had the idea I’d sew up a little card for her. So was delayed by five minutes while I grabbed the blank note card, these three scraps that were at the top of my scrap bag, and randomly sewed them to the card.

I think I’ll spend some time playing around with sewing my own cards. Oh, I can just imagine the possibilities between fabric choices and thread colors. Yum!

And in other news, the first week of Kindergarten has gone swimmingly well. Miss A is loving school, surprising me with her love of learning–yes, she actually said “Mom, I’d rather do puzzles than watch TV. It is more fun.”– and against all odds getting to school on time.

But this is how we all feel now that the week is over.

Is it Friday yet? Yes, yes it is! Phew!

Here’s to a great weekend!

🙂 E


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