O+S LTTS SAL: Bucket Hat Completed

Here’s the first month’s project in the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew Sew-A-Long: the bucket hat!

 I can’t decide which side of this reversible hat I like best!

My favorite part of this pattern and the sewing is the 1/4-inch topstitching on the brim.

 (Side note: Oh how I love my new iPhone app, Instagram! It is a fabulous and free picture editing program, and if you have an iPhone or iPad with a camera, you must download it…now.)

My least favorite part of the pattern is getting the rounded edges on the brim and hat to line up evenly. Though as the book suggests, along with other sew-a-longers, cutting a lot into the brim and lots of pinning, I mean lots and lots, definitely helped.

 This hat and its twin are now ready to make their way to help make a bright and sunny welcome for two sweet babies. 

And next up for me is the backpack I’m quite nervous excited to make! I’ll post some pictures of the fabric Miss A chose for her backpack soon.

We’re now off to the mountains to enjoy our Labor Day. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day!

:) E


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